Subcontract Services

Security Subcontract Services

For Years, SP Security guard services has subcontracted many security companies that are not located in Arizona. Our subcontracts unit supports SP Security and its partners. We are reliable and trusted security services providers. Every single day we dedicate our time to perform work in a safe and ethical manner.

Our team is DPS licensed and highly trained to offer safe and quality work for customers, we have highly experienced professional who look after our team as a supervisor.

SP Security Guards uses its contract management system to handle all sub contracts in a sufficient manner. Once you subcontract with us, you won’t have to worry about a thing, we manage all accounts with professional team who is also courteous to not only clients but also their customers, guests or resident.

Through our past experiences we have created few models to fit all the subcontracts, SP Security is always focused on providing security with appropriate business practices and we teach the same to every individual guard in our company. We customize security services according to the client’s needs, we also can do as requested by our contractors. SP security can provide all activity reports to our contractors on daily basis or as requested. We offer worry free services to clients and contractors.

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