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Our story

SP Security Guard Services is locally owned and operated. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona we have served the Phoenix area since 2009.  We established this company with one goal in mind – to protect while serving our clients and their guests. SP Security Guards is a trusted security company in Arizona

We have experience in serving:

SP Security Guards has protected many events and properties across all Arizona. Some of our clients are large corporations with large needs. Each and every client that we offer security services to receives the same level of dedication and outstanding service. Our blog is dedicated to educate our community about the threats that our society faces today and how to deal with it.

We value the relationship with our clients even more than their business – our approach toward quality security with modern technology and highly trained guards is what sets us apart from our competitors. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We strive to hire veterans and former law enforcement officers, even if we have to financially sacrifice for smaller profits. SP Securiy Guards’ goal is to protect Maricopa County and its businesses from today’s threats.

Management Support

Whether you hire security services from our company or not, know that our management team is always there to give you complementary advice on your security needs or anything that is related to security.

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