Fire Watch Services

Fire Watch Services

Silent Protection Security offers fire watch services to businesses in the state of Arizona.

Fire Watch Security Service - Silent Protection Security Guards - Arizona

Silent Protection Security’s licensed Guards are trained and experienced in fire watch services. We have been providing fire watch services to businesses in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and surrounding cities through out Arizona. Whether your installing a fire protection system or you have problems with your fire alarm system. We are able to send the help immediately in most cases, and can send guards on short notice. Our guard can remain on site until your fire sprinkler system or alarm is fixed, inspected and fully operational.

Silent Protection Security has been providing fire watch services to Global Building Management, Target Stores, Layton Construction, Info-tech, PWI Construction, P2P Global Security, and many more high end clients who cannot settle for anything less than professional service. At the beginning of an fire watch services assignment we conduct walk through with the clients, taking control of the effected area that needs extra focus and attention. We provide reports of the services we conduct on site.


Fire Watch Security

Fire Watch Security Services - Silent Protection (SP) Security Guards

We take our job serious is why we are on top of the security industry in Phoenix, Arizona. Our guards are checked by the supervisor’s randomly to make sure, all our guards are active and disciplined. We have supervisors that come from backgrounds as fire fighters, ex-police officers, and veterans.

Fire Watch Security is one of our services that we offer on an emergency basis, we are able deploy a guard immediately

Click the link for our past fire watch services at the Target Store in Mesa, Arizona ■

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