Trade Show Security Tips

To do list for trade show safety:

Trade show security advice, it is essential in planning a secure trade show for your staff and guest, this will protect your staff and guest from unnecessary risk.

Best Trade Show Security Tips - Reimagine - Evolve - SP Security Guards - Arizona


Safety problem can happen anywhere from your travel to exhibition venue, it can happen at the hotel/resort you’re staying, inside the exhibition or near your booth. Consider safety tips to keep staff and guest from harm’s way, follow the trade show security tips below.




Safety Tips for Booth Staff


Safety Tips for Booth Staff - SP Security Guards - Arizona

Training your team members about trade show safety is important for all team members, train those who are attending and working at the exhibition, it will be helpful in their travel to trade show destination and at the show itself. Educating them beforehand can be a great deal of asset to the show.

Your safety plan must include tips for traveling safely to the trade show, safe in and out of the hotel/resort visits, learn about the crime in hosting city or state where the trade show is being held.


Here are some tips that will help you in your trade show safety planning.

Trade Show Security


  1.  Make sure to avoid sharing your hotel room number or hotel name with any strangers.
  2.  Try to avoid flying in late at night to the hotel/resort.
  3.  Always keep your room locks securely locked, whenever someone knocks on your door make sure to use peephole before opening the door.
  4.  Furthermore, if possible travel in groups or pairs, wear your badge at the venue and look after other team members to make sure they are safe at all times.
  5.  Lastly, especially when drinking alcohol, when traveling around hosted town especially at night make sure to use only debit or credit cards for your purchase or travel expense, if a staff member becomes too drunk or impaired make sure to drop them at their room safely, and leave expensive items and valuables at the room locked up.

It is helpful to train your team on the steps needed to be safe and secure. Always take precautions including especially at set up and take downs.

When hiring labor unions for heavy lifting or any other tasks at the trade show event. Let your team know to comply with the labor rules of the hosting state.

It is important your team follows other safety and security rules established by the hotel/resort, Security Services Company or your management team. Go over their list of guidelines with your team members.


Measures to take in your safety planning:


Staff members that are responsible to put up displays at the event, must comply with instructions provided to avoid any harmful accident. Make sure to check the display multiple times for its stability strength, make sure all bolts, screws and components are tight and secure.


Hire A Security Services Company


Tips to improve trade show security

Assign a security guard company to walk around the exhibition to ensure there are no hazards on the floor, have event security guards at the entrance to check badges, provide a check list to the security team for end of event lock ups and duties to fully secure all equipment and material. Have a team member consult with the security team to ensure everything and everyone is secured at the event at all time.


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