Important Roles of Security Guards


The Five Important Responsibilities of Guards

Every security guard is not trained to handle criminal incidents with such responsibilities. Silent Protection Security makes sure their guards are trained and responsible to take care of all incidents without fail.


  • A security guards responsibility is to protect the people and assets of its clients. The biggest responsibility of a security guard is to prevent an incident or offense before it takes place, like it is said “prevention is better than cure”. No offence or incidents means security guard is doing its job.


  •  Security guards should be alert at all times to deter offenders. Vandalism, trespassing, theft and damage can be prevented when the criminals see a security guard. So, a security guard should be very alert at all times.


  • Security guards must be alert to look out for unusual activities and pay attention to any unusual sounds. A security guards duty is to prevent, a best security guard is the one who is alert in listening, and watching while not becoming victim of a false flag distraction.

 Observe and Report

  • A security guards responsibility after an incident takes place is to observe carefully in details and report accurately. At the time incident takes place, the guard should not charge in or get physical. Instead, the security guard should:
  •  Stay calm
  •  Observe and remember events
  •  Report to the police officers and the security guards supervisor.

Team Player

  • Security guards are team players when responsible for maintaining certain rules and policies established by the client. These includes:
  • Requiring employees or contractors to show their badges/ID’s when entering the property; or Inspecting vehicles, personal bags as employees leave the site
  • Monitoring safety standards and reporting hazards, fire safety, slippery floors, etc.



The essential roles and responsibilities of security guards are classified into Five

   1. Prevention

2. Visibility

 3. Vigilance

                   4.  Observe and Report

       6.  Team Player

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