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Each of Silent Protection’s clients have specific requirements. Some may need a guard to stand at the door while another client may need full site patrol to keep their assets and facilities secure. Meanwhile, other clients may want their homes, communities, and loved ones protected. Apartment complexes, gated communities, and mobile home parks are where people reside and most people do not want to worry about their hearths while away from the fire. A long term security contract is the best option for our clients for several reasons.

  1. Saves you money in long term vs short term
  2. Guards can get very familiar with the site, it helps them in securing site effectively
  3. having a guard for long term lets intruders know this isn’t a place for theft or vandalism that there is a permanent guard on site


What are the advantages of a long term security contract?

Retail Site Protection by SP Security Guards - Scottsdale ArizonaSecurity Guard Checking Commercial Building Door To Make Sure It Is SecureSecurity Guards Directing Guests


The primary advantage that most of our clients are looking is to take advantage of cost savings. We provide reduced rates for longer contracts. The next advantage that a long period of time with our company can provide you with is site familiarity. Our guards are observant and active and the longer they know a site the more they know our clients’ needs. Some sites have odd lines of sight, entrances open to the public only during certain hours, and some may be inactive but still need to be monitored. Lastly, and not least is familiarity with the account and the people there, not just the site. Here at Silent Protection Security we want to build relationships with our clients. Our professional appearance, trained staff, and personable nature will impress you.


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