Apartment Security

Violence - Aggression - Curfew

Tips on Riot Help and Prevention

How to prevent rioting by the help of security guards?   It is a constitutional right to protest peacefully but at the same time there are restrictions, placed on the gatherings of large group of people. Protests can take place and can sometimes turn into violence, because of some incitement from violent groups.  It can …

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Security Guards Directing Guests

Long Term Security

Each of Silent Protection’s clients have specific requirements. Some may need a guard to stand at the door while another client may need full site patrol to keep their assets and facilities secure. Meanwhile, other clients may want their homes, communities, and loved ones protected. Apartment complexes, gated communities, and mobile home parks are where …

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Professional Security Guard for Residential

Security Service Phoenix

Phoenix is a large and diverse city. We started the Silent Protection Security Guard company in 2009 and since then we have become more familiar with the metropolitan area. For a desert environment the urban area has exploded in population. Since 2000 more than a million people have moved to Maricopa County. Each year many people come …

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Pinetop Security Services

Security Services Pine Top

  Professional Security Officers For Hire In Greater Phoenix Area.   SP Security Guards Services is a company based out of Scottsdale, AZ. We have been in security guard services and security surveillance field for many years. We have opened a branch now in Overgaard, Showlow, White Mountain and Pine-top, Arizona. We have been serving …

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Resort and Hotel Security In Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

Resort or Hotel Security Are Your Hotel & Resort Guests Safe from Scams? Illegal businesses and their reps on resort and hotel properties can pose a threat to guest’s security. This scams can pose a threat to guests and their family by pretending to be a pizza delivery man and can charge guests unauthorized amount …

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Apartment security in Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona

Apartment security in Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona

Check List For Apartment Security Is parking area secure? Assigned parking is a great advantage, if some intruder can just walk in on foot to your apartment than that gated security is not enough for your safety. If you have to walk to the door to your apartment from parking lot than u should ask …

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Best Professional Security Agency in Phoenix AZ

Retail Security Service

Working at a retail store as a security guard is fun but at times it can be very challenging. It is easy to wait at the entrance door and greet people but its hard to approach someone who you think or saw shoplifting because if you make a mistake a good guy from a bad …

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