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Security Guard Tips, Security Agency Guidance for protection of corona virus

Covid 19 handling “tips by security Guards” 

The fight towards Covid-19 has been powerfully met with necessary action. Action has been taken from the world governments and Security Agencies. Every business, many government agencies, schools, malls, theaters, all events, corporate events, trade shows, entertainment events, every business and list goes on. All have been issued orders to self quarantine and closer of business. This shows everyone is putting safety over status quo.

How is Security Agencies dealing with shutdowns and corona virus?
In this hard times of epidemic, Security companies have been placed in a departmental position. Security Companies have been facing challenges of “how to save and secure our guards performing their duties on field.

We require every guard to be mindful of the current situation and respond to the dynamics of operations. This requires us to come up with and implement the right strategies, tactics and protocols that are being planned in the face of plague. In this times of pandemic we maintain reliable security services to ensure continuity and well being of our clients and needs of our community.


Availability of guards

One of the challenges Of a security company is to ensure all current contracts are covered and filled with men power required, guards stay at the property they are familiar with and cover thire usual sites. Training and capabilities are kept in mind in order to place guards with their suitable location, for instance; you cannot put an unarmed guard in a sector that the guard is not familiar with. Having guards on call is something utilized to cover the growing requirement of security services, this guards are well trained, licensed by department of public safety and to top it all, they are our veteran heroes. We have a pool of licensed guards that are available for shifts that are temporary, including event security. It is a challenge companies deal with and manage based on their experience in the security industry.


Proper Communication Guidelines

Right communication is important amid covid 19 pandemic. Communication between guards and supervisors is the key to planning things right. With the new developments in the fight against spread of corona virus, supervisors keep guards updated thru active communication.  Updates on new pandemic threats are discussed and enforcement measures to planned to control movement in red zones.


Trained Guards

Additional training is required to teach guards basic knowledge about pandemics. Moreover, how to safely handle situations, related to the pandemic. Guards are trained either remotely or in person, training is focused on current events unfolding in Arizona. This includes, understanding of threats, risks, and awareness of the whole current situation.


Specialized Posts

Handling panic of public over food shortage and crime that can be controlled by additional training of guards to protect likes of supermarkets and hospitals. Guards are trained to handle crowd control and management. Supermarkets can have crimes go up at their stores due to public’s believe there will food shortage. Managing the crowds in and out of the stores can ensure avoidance of public feuds and theft.


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