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If I were to stay with security business in early 2005, I would have more experience in the security industry than in banking. Bank job was great learned a lot but while I was at work, I went through a few robberies that made me realize how unsafe banking business is without the security guard presence at the bank but bank Security is just whole another topic, which I will cover in my future blog posts.

I started doing security business while I was working at the bank, so thankfully when bank laid me off I focused more on Security Business; it helped me understand the need for security in apartment, hospital, mall, warehouse, construction, hotel, resort, and communities. If I needed any extra money I would work a night shift or work on weekends. Security work gave me options, thus I had more freedom vs. corporate bank.

However, when many people believe security guards as one of the lowest of “work” the truth is it’s the best job you can have.


There is a simple reason – the job allows you to work on you.

If you understand that corporate work is “slave work” and requires you to be completely preoccupied.  One of the hardest tasks at my bank work was its culture it is such that you have to “act busy,” even when there is nothing to do and its even more stressing than actual work. In the end you have work but it is consuming all your time to advance other person or company.

However, Security work is different.


First, with security job your presence is most important. Not have to chase any bad guy or be detective. All you have to do is stay at your station and patrol every 15-25 minutes.  The big reason is; Security guards are not paid to be cops. Corporate Security needs are there to bring the insurance cost down for that company for having a security guard in uniform patrolling.

Second, since you are not suppose to be doing anything other than just being there in a uniform some security companies give you something to do. Most Security Company will let you do your homework or any schoolwork while at work. Majority of security work requires you to be present at the property and kill your time.

Finally, the night shift if your able to work night shift I highly suggest you do, the reason being you have to be working at as a receptionist requires more of your involvement with the guests hence no time for your homework
In the end, as an independent man or women our time is limited and we should like to do ourselves a favor and spend some of our time to improve our life’s and not just be a rat on in the wheel getting no where with the corporate work.


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