How to obtain a Security Guard Card in Phoenix, Arizona

Unarmed Guard Card

Arizona - Guard - CardIt is required that anyone who is wanting to work in the state of Arizona, must obtain a Security guard card first before they can be hired by any security agency or security firm. The Department of Public safety issues the license to qualified candidates, Armed and unarmed both require license from the DPS in order to work in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Flagstaff, Mesa, Goodyear, Tucson and Chandler. One must attend an approved training course and also pass the background check conducted by the DPS before they can obtain the guard card.


Any DPS Licensed Security Company in the state of Arizona can give you a registration application form, the company must fill out the employer section of the form.


Attend a mandatory 8 hours guard training class, many companies offer this training to their new employees, you can also attend a private school that also offers 8 hours class.

Call and make an appointment with the nearest DPS office to process your guard license application.

Make sure to bring your training completed proof with a face color photo and your application.

Give the officer your application and all other required documents. Officer will finger print you.

AZDPS will issue you a guard card upon fee payment and after the background check.


Guard Card is good for 2 years from the issuance date. Once it expires, you will need to reapply for a new one.


Arizona Department of Public Safety does not accept personal checks.

Armed guards require additional training to receive a guard card.

Never accept a guard job without having a valid guard card in your possession. Its a crime, you will be penalized and jailed.

Always have a guard card on you while your at a site protecting it.

Shortage of Security Officers in the market is due to high demand from industries. If your looking to work as a security officer for any security agencies in Arizona, you will need a guard card.


Unarmed Guard Card



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