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SP Security Guard Services is committed to protecting your construction site with our construction security service. We work with our clients to customize solutions and eliminate any theft and vandalism. Normally we have four layers of security solutions to protect your construction site from theft and vandalism.


Patrol car at a event in Glendale AZ
Patrol car at a event in Glendale AZ


1)  Deterring Any and All Intruders


Letting the criminals know there is a Construction Security at the site. Making a visual statement that breaking in can land them in jail. Presence of a security guard can deter a crime before it takes place.


Security Guard Checking Commercial Building Door To Make Sure It Is Secure

2) Detecting


Having experienced construction loss prevention guards at site can help in many ways, guards can detect any intruder before they make moves. Moreover, having an eye on everyone coming close to the site of construction, helps divert the ill plans of thieves.


Construction of retail Site Protection by SP Security Guards - Scottsdale Arizona
Prevention of loss to a construction site

3)  Assessing It is very critical to have a guard that can assess the situation on site during a security breach and response as quickly as possible in a righteous manner and this can only come with experience and training. Furthermore, it is the right training of guards that is important in executing the task in right balance. 





4) Apprehending The Intruder

Security Company - Phoenix

SP Security Guards has well trained guards with years of experience in the security field. Our guards successful prevented many crimes by having law enforcement to the site in time.

SP Security Guards is the Right Selection….We offer service to residential construction sites, commercial construction sites, job site security, utility service centers, utility substations, material yards and government buildings. Further, we provide Security Patrol visits to the site under constructed.

Our Securing Locations in Phoenix – Scottsdale – Tempe – Mesa, and all surrounding areas throughout Arizona.


Best Security Company in Phoenix - Silent Protection Security Guards

Our mission at Silent Protection Security is to work with our clients in planning security needs for their unique Construction sites. What makes us different from other security companies is that our expertise in providing custom fit solution for specific construction sites. Our solution to your security needs can make you worry free and focus you more on what you do best, which is to build and construct.

5 ways to secure and prevent loss at construction site (2023)

  1. Risk Mnagement
  2. Secure The Equipment
  3. Quality Equipment 
  4. Protective gear for Workers
  5. Hire a Security Agency that is locally owned and operated 


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